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Meet the Massive Disruptor in Efficient, Affordable, Sustainable Homes

Our Integrated Assembly Technology (IAT) makes it possible to build an unrivaled home in terms of lifetime cost of ownership. Never again compromise energy efficiency, health, safety or quality.

Energy efficiency & affordability, together at last

It's time for a better solution for affordable homes in Canada.

Across the country people are desparate to find a place to call their own. An extended housing crisis has caused many to re-think the path to home ownership.

For remote and Indigenous communities, the question of housing is all too familiar. Decades of poorly-designed, poorly built, inefficient homes have created a storm of problems. As Indigenous communities seek to take back rightful control of their housing, they demand better solutions and better homes.

We created Evolving Innovations to answer the call for more efficient and affordable homes. Because every Canadian, especially Indigenous Peoples, deserves the dignity of safe, cozy, modern housing.

Built using AIT and industry-leading efficient materials, our homes deliver some of the best energy performance per-dollar on the market. Plus, they can be built faster and more affordably than nearly any other build-on-site home system. And, no, not to worry, we aren't talking about a panelized home system or repurposing sea containers.




Meet the better
housing solution.

Our houses are built using a proprietary truss-frame system. This unique system is the key to building sustainable (and attainable) homes. Some of the benefits of an Evolving Innovations home are:


  • Dramatically more affordable than other built-on-site options

  • One of the most energy-efficient homes dollar-for-dollar

  • Move-in-ready in as little as 4 weeks

  • Easily built in almost any location

  • Modern finishings, comforts, and appliances

  • Community can be trained to build them, generating economic opportunity

  • Get everything you need to build from conventional building suppliers - even your existing suppliers

  • Homes are easily moved if the need arises

  • Can be equipped with solar power for increased energy independance


Our houses are not temporary structures. They're functional, secure, and cozy homes that will last for decades.




Homes that are healthy, safe and built-to-last  even in extreme climates

Engineered IAT Frames

Our house frames are built using a proprietary and engineered Integrated Assembly Technology (IAT)  frame. This system is fast and efficient - some homes can be framed in under 1 hour by just a few people. Plus, it gives our homes outstanding energy efficiency with a monolithic thermal and air barrier that eliminates thermal bridging.

Evolving Innovations Mini Home Component Render.jpg
Designed for Safe Living

House fires are one of the leading causes of accidental death in remote communities. Every one of Evolving Innovations' homes comes equipped with a Guardian Fire Shield fire supressor and fire retardent paint. Because we protect what matters.

EI - Fire Suppression.jpg

IAT home system and high-quality insulation gives our homes unrivaled comfort and efficiency. Each home features option for R44 to R60 walls and R66 to R80 ceilings and floors. With continuous insulation surrounding the envelope the result is the equivalent of a Yeti cooler home.

Built for Our Climate

Canadians, especially Indigenous communities, face some of the harshest weather on earth. Our homes are modeled andbuilt to resist mold, moisture, snow, ice, vandalism, and fire. These are not converted sheds. They're durable and sturdy homes designed for decades of comfort.


Take a peek at our homes.

Extreme Mini

This 1-bed 284ft2 mini home is our most compact and affordable. Despite its small size, this ultra-efficient home has every possible comfort at an unbelievable price.

Extreme Mini XL

At 384ft2, this mini home is an up-sized version of our "Extreme Mini". A creative floorplan maximizes the space and makes the "XL" perfect for a bachelor or couple.


The team behind the homes.

SH - Profile Picture Cropped.jpg
Stan Higgins

Stan is a Metis entrepreneur with two decades experience working with Indigenous communities across Canada. He founded Evolving Innovations with a vision to collaborate with Indigenous communities to build safe, healthy, sustainable homes. When he's not working on homes, he can be found providing building foundations at VersaPile Inc.

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JEH Profile Picture Cropped.jpg
John Embury-Hyatt

John is an expert in building exceptionally efficient homes to an exacting standard. He owns Evolving Homes Ltd, where he leads an experienced team of builders who share his dedicated to quality, efficient homes. He also specializes in teaching home building principles.

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